The results of the auditions have already been sent to all applicants

Dear applicants, dear singers!

The Brežice International Children’s Singing Festival has a limited number of participants, as this year we can host only 52 performers, namely 26 singers who will perform in the first part of the semi-finals, which will take place on Friday, August 23, 2024, and 26 singers who will perform on Saturday, August 24, 2024.

This year, we received 141 applications, but unfortunately we had to choose only 52 singers who convinced our international jury the most with their performance. That is, the best of the excellent were chosen. Those who did not audition for the International Children’s Singing Festival Brežice are still great singers! We will be happy if they sign up for our festival next year, and visit this year as listeners.

Today, June 21, 2024, we sent all applicants the audition results to the applicant’s email, which is the email from which the applicants made the application. If you are sure that you have successfully submitted your application to our festival, but you have not yet received the result of the audition, please let us know on or by phone at +386 70 60 70 70 (Maks). Thank you.

After reviewing all matrices, portrait photographs and other data, we will send a Checklist to all participants by July 15, 2024, which will indicate if we require the completion of a defective application. Also, a musical accompaniment will be attached to the checklist, to which the performer will sing live. We suggest that you listen to the musical accompaniment from beginning to end, because this is the only way to check if everything is in order with the accompaniment you sent us in your application form.

We thank all applicants for their trust and excellent cooperation!

Organizers and producers of the International Children’s Singing Festival Brežice.
Brigita, Dubravka, Alen and Maks

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