Audition results 2023 have been sent to applicants!Rezultati avdicije 2023 so poslani prijaviteljem!

We sincerely thank all the participants of the audition for the International Children’s Singing Festival Brežice 2023 for their cooperation, and the applicants for their trust. Of course, we could not accept all 136 applicants this year either, as we can place a maximum of 60 performers at the Brežice International Children’s Singing Festival, 30 for each semi-final evening. Applicants are asked to explain these numerical limitations to all their young talented singers who may not have been able to make it to our festival this year and kindly advise them to apply next year. It is also important to understand that those who did not have a backup song and entered with the same song as someone before them could not be considered for the audition. It is important that you submit your application every year as soon as possible and without fail with an additional, spare song.

We sincerely congratulate everyone who made it to our festival, and we would like to thank the others for submitting their applications and thereby showing their trust!