Results for 3rd Internationa children’s singing festival Brežice 2018

Results by jury:

Age group from 6 to 9 years

1st place: Doroteja Egarić
2nd place: Hajdi Haler
3rd place: Lucija Pleša

Age group from 10 to 13 years

1st place: Gabriela Braičić
2nd place: Maša Smiljanić
3rd place: Jakov Jozinović

Age group from 14 to 17 years

1st place: Aida Perko Praner
2nd place: Ana Grdadolnik
3rd place: Sara Andrić

Results by festival visitors:

1st place: Eva Julija Borovšak
2nd place: Doroteja Egarić
3rd place: Tia Grubelnik

All the other participants of the International children’s singing festival Brežice 2018, you are all sharing an excellent fourth place. You were great and you should know that in many cases only 0.3 points separated you from the winners, so we congratulate to all of you!

The winner of 3rd international children’s singing festival Brežice 2018 overall, is:
Aida Perko Praner from Brežice!

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