List of participants 2018

List of participants who passed audition:

This year, the organizers of the International Children’s Singing Festival Brežice had extremely ungrateful work, because we had to choose only 63 participants of MOPF Brežice 2018, from 119 registered candidates, due to the time limit of individual events. For this reason we also had to reject many great singers and singers, who would have, otherwise been accepted. In several cases, there was only one point of difference from one who made it and the others who didn’t make it, so all of you, who were not able to make it  this year, you are invited to re-sign up to our audition the following year. We will be honored and grateful!

Thank you all for your participation in the auditions and for your trust. All those who were accepted, will shortly receive the application documentation and the checklists with all the information from your sign in file.

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