Semifinals 2021 Part 2 – Results

The first 13 finalists who qualified for Sunday’s grand final at Brežice Castle, are known.

1. age group (6-9 years)
Dina Španić (Zagreb, Hrvaška) 9 y.o.
Nikolina Katavić (Dugo Selo, Hrvaška) 8 y.o.

2. age group (10-13 years)
Elitsa Uzunova (Sofia Bulgaria) 11 y.o.
Paola Rokić (Zagreb, Hrvaška) 10 y.o.
Lara Carić (Zagreb, Hrvaška) 13 y.o.
Eva Julija Borovšak (Župelevec, Slovenija) 13 y.o.
Bojana Srdanovic (Novi Sad, Srbija) 13 y.o.
Monika Jukić (Split, Hrvaška) 12 y.o.
Marina Muštra (Solin, Hrvaška) 11 y.o.

3. age group (14-17 years)
Manca Mihelin (Bizeljsko, Slovenija) 17 y.o.
Lina Banić (Kostrena Hrvaška) 14 y.o.
Lina Cigler (Ravne na Koroškem Slovenija) 15 y.o.
Janez Ivačič (Orehova vas, Slovenija) 15 y.o.

Everyone else shares the excellent 4th place at the Brežice 2021 International Children’s Singing Festival. The rehearsal schedule will be sent to the finalists on Sunday morning at the applicant’s email address, in the form of a checklist.

The performances of all of them were wonderful, but the expert jury consisting of Lucija Jelušić, Jožica Zupančič, Dubravka Jelušić and the audience as the fourth member of the jury, had to choose only 13, so we sincerely congratulate everyone!!!

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