Finalists from part 2 semifinals August 25th, 2018

The second finalists, who will attend the big finals on Sunday, August 26th, 2018:

From 6 to 9 years

Manca Žerjav
Žana Urisk
Doroteja Egarić

from 10 to 13 years

Eva Julija Borovšak
Valentina Mališević
Anja Bajuk
Jakov Jozinović
Ema Petrej
Gabriela Braičić
Maša Smiljanić

from 14 to 17 years

Maja Tomić
Janja Jesenko
Lana Škof
Živa Strgar
Manca Tominšek
Špela Sever
Sara Andrić

We sincerely congratulate all the finalists and all the others, who share the great fourth place of the International Children’s Singing Festival Brežice 2018!

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